Our mission at Tempo is to revolutionize PCBA manufacturing and empower rapid innovation.

Who we are


We help customers explore and realize ideas with a new level of quality, speed and agility.

We believe human progress is only limited by the speed of the engineering cycle—every step from design to manufacturing adds friction to the creative process. That’s why we’re here to help engineers bring their ideas into the world with unmatched agility and precision.

Our team is dedicated to pushing the bounds of what’s possible. We believe slow, error-prone, opaque and unpredictable manufacturing should be a relic of the past. So we’re building the manufacturing system that puts speed, precision, transparency and reliability front and center.

From rockets to robots, autonomous cars to drones, many of the fastest-moving companies are already working with us to optimize for a new level of business advantage. And set a new tempo for progress.


For Engineers
For Managers
For Purchasers

Optimize complex prototyping for a new level of quality, speed, and agility

Identify and resolve quality issues before they happen

Build your most complex boards at high speed

Hit deadlines & plan ahead with reliable on-time delivery

Transform your hardware development process for a new level of business advantage

Speed up your Time-to-Market — and Time-to-Revenue

Drive innovation agility, higher product quality and customer satisfaction

De-risk your process earlier and keep your programs on-target

Reduce process costs and complexity — transparently and predictably

Streamline project management with automated NDAs and POs

Prevent design issues before they become costly problems in production

Plan ahead with real-time quotes, order status and on-time delivery

Get in touch and explore what’s possible.

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